2019 VNL Online Registration

Important Information

Please read all of the information provided below before registering online for the 2019 Bupa Victorian Netball League.

All players participating in the 2019 Bupa Victorian Netball League (VNL) Competition are required to physically sign a VNL Standard Player Agreement AND register online to confirm their intention to play in 2019.

Players Please Note:

By completing the 2019 VNL Online Registration you confirm you have;

  1. Agreed to be registered for the 2019 Bupa VNL Competition (VNL Pre Season and/or VNL Premiership Season) with the nominated Bupa VNL Club.
  2. Only register with ONE Bupa VNL Club for the 2019 Bupa VNL Competition.
  3. Signed the Bupa VNL Standard Player Agreement.
  4. Understood the requirement to seek a clearance to request to play for another Bupa VNL Club after signing the Standard Player Agreement. Any move would be subject to the approval of Netball Victoria. Further information is available at https://vic.netball.com.au/bupa-vnl/

For further information, contact the VNL Competition Manager at Netball Victoria 9321 2261.

The electronic signature listed below confirms;

1. I have read the important information accompanying this form and I agree to be registered for the 2019 Bupa VNL Season with this VNL club.

2. I understand that I am registered with the 2019 Bupa VNL Club once I sign a Standard Player Agreement and complete this form.

3. I understand that I had the opportunity to trial at as many Bupa VNL clubs as I wish before signing the SPA and this form.

4. I give Netball Victoria and the Bupa VNL permission to use images & video footage taken of me/my children in publications and promotional material, and broadcast, print and electronic media.